Monika Mauch, Nigel North: MUSICAL BANQUET. CD ECM 1938 (2008 ECM NEW SERIES)




Monika Mauch  Soprano
Nigel North  Lute


1       Passava Amor su arco desarmado (Love walked by unarmed)  02:28
          (Jorge de Montemayor, Anonymous)
2       Lady if you so spite me  02:18
          (Anonymous, John Dowland)
3       Dovrò dunque morire? (Must I then die?)  02:03
          (Anonymous, Giulio Caccini)
4       Amarilli mia bella (My fair Amaryllis)  02:43
          (Giovanni Battista Guarini, Giulio Caccini)
5       Si le parler et le silence (If words and silence)  04:09
          (Anonymous, Pierre Guédron)
6       Se di farmi morire (If you think to cause my death)  01:47
          (Anonymous, Domenico Maria Megli)
7       O eyes, leave off your weeping  03:02
          (Anonymous, Robert Hales)
8       Vuestros ojos tienen d’Amor (Your eyes hold I know not what of Love)  01:28
9       In a grove most rich of shade  04:05
          (Sir Philip Sidney, Guillaume Tessier)
10     Lady Rich, her Galliard  01:57
          (John Dowland)
11     Go my flock, go get you hence  03:49
          (Sir Philip Sidney, Anonymous)
12     O bella più che le stelle (Oh fairer than the stars of Diana)  01:40
13     My heavy sprite  02:41
          (George Clifford, Anthony Holborne)
14     Galliard  01:46
          (Daniel Batchelar)
15     To plead my faith  02:11
          (Robert Devereux, Daniel Batchelar)
16     Ce penser qui sans fin tirannise ma vie (This thought which endlessly governs my life)  03:39
          (Anonymous, Pierre Guédron)
17     O dear life, when shall it be?  03:00
          (Sir Philip Sidney, Anonymous)
18     Sir Robert Sidney, his Galliard  02:29
          (John Dowland)
19     Change thy mind since she doth change  02:41
          (Robert Devereux, Richard Martin)
20     Sir Thomas Monson, his Pavin and Galliard  07:56
          (Robert Dowland)
21     Vous que le Bonheur rappelle (You whom Happiness recalls)  01:39
          (Anonymous, Pierre Guédron)
22     In darkness let me dwell  04:06
          (Anonymous, John Dowland)
23     Sta notte mi sognava (Last night I dreamed)  02:25
24     Far from triumphing court  06:40
          (Sir Henry Lee, John Dowland)