Max Richter: INVASION – Season 1 (Apple TV+Original Series Soundtrack) 2LP Vinilo



Isobel Griffiths  Strings, Sampler, Orchestra
Max Richter  Piano, Electronics
John Parricelli  Guitar
Görkem Şen  Performer
Ian Burdge  Cello
Chris Worsey  Cello
Ian Burdge  Cello
Will Schofield  Cello
Nick Barr  Viola
Louisa Fuller  Violín
Natalia Bonner  Violín
Everton Nelson  Violín


A1   Invasion Main Title  01:16
A2   And At This Frequency  02:26
A3   Permanently Retired  01:59
A4   JASA Launch  01:52
A5   Stranded  03:15
A6   Missing Hinata  02:10
A7   Carry Chavez Out  01:56
A8   What Do We Do  03:18
B1   It’s The Hoshi-12  02:06
B2   Hinata’s Room  01:38
B3   Emergency Signal  01:31
B4   Quiet As A Mouse  04:13
B5   Cleared To Leave  05:37
B6   Aneesha’s Kiss  04:19
C1   Vastness Of Space  01:49
C2   Hinata Was Her  04:24
C3   Coming For Casper  04:58
C4   Listen To Your Voice  04:29
C5   Inside The Hive Mind  02:34
D1   President’s Address  04:31
D2   It Was You  01:19
D3   Here For You  02:29
D4   Your Crew Is Dead  02:09
D5   You’re Full Of Stars  02:44