Soundtrack / Score; Easy Rider. LP Vinilo (Soundtrack)



Género:   Rock, Cine
Estilo:   Soundtrack, Classic Rock

A1     THE PUSHER  (Steppenwolf)5:48
A2     TO BE WILD  (Steppenwolf)3:29
A3     THE WEIGHT  (Smith)  4:29
A4     WASN’T BORN TO FOLLOW  (The Byrds)  2:03
A5     IF YOU WANT TO BE A BIRD  (The Holy Modal Rounders)  2:35
B1     DON’T BOGART ME  (The Fraternity Of Man)  3:02
B2     IF SIX WAS NINE  (The Jimi Hendrix Experience)  5:32
B3     KYRIE ELEISON  (The Electric Prunes)4:02
B4     IT’S ALRIGHT MA (I’m Only Bleeding)  (Roger McGuinn)3:03
B5     BALLAD OF EASY RIDER  (Roger McGuinn)  2:13