Brian Eno: NERVE NET. CD




Brian Eno  Bass, Organ, Sinthesizer, Voice, Organ, Tenor Saxophone, Bass
Jonathan Moffett  Drums
Richard Bailey  Drums
Robert Fripp  Guitar
Gregg Arreguin  Guitar
Robert Quine  Rhythm Guitar, Guitar Reverse
Wyane Duchamp  Alto Saxophone
King Hastings Kwesi Banana  Baritone Saxophone
Ernest Darling  Claves
Isaac Osapanin  Congas
Winston Ngukwe  Congas
Markus Draws  Drum Progamming, Drums
Cecil Stamper III  Frame Drum
Rod Melvin  Piano
John Paul Jones  Piano
Roger Eno  Piano
Alice Ngukwe  Tenor Saxophone
Curtis Pelican  Trumpet
Christine West-Oram  Voice
Laurence Cottle  Bass
Romeo Williams Bass
Benmont Tench  Percussion


01    Fractal Zoom  06:24
02    Wire Shock  05:27
03    What Actually Happened?  04:41
04    Pierre In Mist  03:47
05    My Squelchy Life  04:02
06    Juju Space Jazz  04:26
07    The Roil, The Choke  05:00
08    Ali Click  04:13
09    Distributed Being  06:10
10    Web  06:21
11    Web (Lascaux Mix)  09:44
12    Decentre  03:26
Bonus Track
13    Lighthouse#157 (1994)  04:17