AndersonPonty Band: Better Late Than Never. CD+DVD




Jon Anderson  Acoustic Guitar , Lead Vocals
Baron Browne  Bass
Rayfoed Griffin  Drums, Percussion
Jamie Glaser  Guitar
Jamie Dunlap  Guitar
Wally Minko  Keyboards
Jean Luc Ponty  Violin



1     Intro 01:18
        (Wally Minko)
2     One In The Rhythm Of Hope 04:34
        (Jean Luc Ponty, Jon Anderson)
3     A For Aria 03:22
        (Enrico Tomat, Jon Anderson)
4     Owner Of A Lonely Heart 05:04
        (Chris Squire, Jon Anderson, Trevor Horn, Trevor Rabin)
5     Listening With Me 05:39
        (Jean Luc Ponty, Jon Anderson)
6     Time And A Word 05:30
        (David Foster, Jon Anderson)
7     Infinite Mirage 03:48
        (Jean Luc Ponty, Jon Anderson)
8     Soul Eternal 04:59
        (Jean Luc Ponty, Jon Anderson)
9     Wonderous Stories 04:01
        (Jon Anderson)
10   And You And I 03:01
        (Bill Bruford, Chris Squire, Jon Anderson, Steve Howe)
11   Renaissance Of The Sun 06:37
        (Jean Luc Ponty, Jon Anderson)
12   Roundabout 05:27
        (Jon Anderson, Steve Howe)
13   I See You Messenger 03:51
        (Damon Anderson, Jon Anderson, Sean Anderson)
14   New New World 03:46
        (Jamie Dunlap, Jon Anderson)


Recorded (Live) at Wheeler Opera House in Aspen, Colorado in September 2014.

1    Intro
2    One In The Rhythm Of Hope
3    A For Aria
4    Owner Of A Lonely Heart
5    Listening With Me
6    Time And A Word
7    Infinite Mirage
8    Soul Eternal
9    Wonderous Stories
10  Renaissance Of The Sun
11  Roundabout

Duration : 65 min.
Screen format : NTSC 16:9
Audio : Dolby Digital
Region code : 0